One of the easiest and quickest ways to turn a digital model into reality is to have it 3D printed. There are very few restrictions of what shapes can be printed, and some very high standards of resolution and quality possible if necessary. The parts produced are commonly a resin or plastic of a single colour, requiring a little finishing work and painting before use. However, prints are possible in most metals including precious metals, making tool-less component manufacture possible.

  • Scenery, figures and buildings
  • Replacements for broken parts
  •  Vehicles, bodies or accessories

  • Quick jigs and fixtures
  • Product prototypes

Cervine Design have some limited in-house 3D printing capacity, primarily for prototype and small run prints.

For further insight into the variety of materials and methods of commercial 3D printing, you might look to Please note that this is not an endorsement and there are a great many sites and services to help you print your designs.