If a component or assembly is too complex in its shape to be modelled directly into CAD by hand, it may be advantageous to have it scanned. This is available from any number of services from surveyors who travel to a location, to businesses who receive items by post and return them.

In addition to the ease of creating organic complex CAD quickly, and being able to create the original form at your own pace and cost in real space with traditional tools, the ease which which a computer mirrors and scales geometry allows the creator to reduce the physical exertion and expense by only creating a scaled representation of purely original geometry.

This means for example, that if you want a wheel of identical spokes, you need only create a single example in whatever scale you can satisfactorily capture the detail you wish for.

Or, if as in the example below, you have a form which is symmetrical, you need only realise one side of it and let the computer flawlessly mirror the geometry to the other side, a time consuming and tedious job to carry out physically.

Cervine Design will be happy to organise the process from whatever you have to whatever you need.

  • 3D scanning
  • Data Analysis and Repair
  • Solidification/preparation for CAD

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