• Large shapes/structures
  • Bodywork bucks
  • Mechanisms
  • Railway baseboards
  • Signage
  • Metal sheet fabrications

3D printing is cost effective for small items, but quickly becomes expensive as scale increases. For larger projects, it can be much more cost effective to slice a CAD model into sections, either to stack them to be a solid form, or to construct an “egg box” buck, as in the example below.

Laser cut structures can be in a variety of materials from cloth and vinyl to wood and plastic. Accuracy is high enough that mechanisms like cams and gears are possible, and the strength and durability of the options available means that designs can be more permanent and functional than 3D printed components, which usually need to be restricted to purely aesthetic forms.

The variety of finishes and materials on offer means that laser cut projects can have an attractive and durable finish, such as hardwood veneers or bright plastic for signage. For more industrial applications, metal sheet can be cut allowing net shapes to be folded into brackets, structures and even sculptures.

A detailed guide to the materials and services laser cutting can provide can be found from Cutlasercut.com.