Although every project undertaken is different, there is a general pattern that takes place when a customer commissions Cervine design for a job:

  1. Customer makes contact, presents the task
    • Dialogue begins to access and define how CD may be able to help.
    • Drawings, photographs, links to websites exchanged to illustrate the work to be undertaken.
  2. Work is defined
    • Product to be delivered, for example-
      • Raw CAD file,
      • Unpainted 3D print,
      • Kit of laser cut parts
    • Integration and interfaces (for example to fit a particular chassis, to incorporate specific electronics, etc)
    • Quantities
    • Timeframes
    • Quote may be given based on similar projects
    • Deposit may be taken.
  3. First piece of work is begun
    • The scope of this work may be the entire job, or an initial exploration, the customer defines the size of each step to be taken.
  4. Work is assessed and presented to the customer
  5. Customer feeds back, Corrections are made
  6. Steps 4 and 5 continue until a satisfactory result is reached.
  7. Part is manufactured/commissioned
  8. Various forms of post-processing may be carried out by CD:
    • Cleaning
    • Trimming
    • Assembly
    • Painting
    • Installation
    • commissioning
  9. Product is presented to be assessed by customer.
  10. Invoice is issued and paid.
  11. Part is shipped, created data is released.

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